The writer faces many complexities throughout his life. His life is basically a written anecdote of dilemmas and gloominess. But, my friend he can write. I bet he can and has written many pieces before.

Speaking through my experience, I am not an experienced writer but let’s be honest, who is it? What kind of experience really does matter when it comes to writing? To me documenting my life as it progressed through the ages of late high school years till the beginning of college has been phenomenal. It has helped me laugh, cry and ponder over myself.
Seeing life as of recent, I am indeed in a state of confusion.
To begin or not, to write or not, to state or not.
These aren’t roughly the questions that come to my mind when I start my day. I am worried about the bigger personal problems, and in dire need to change myself and work on them.
Have I long desired to do something on my own? Yes. Have I ever had the courage to follow my passion, my dream? No.
They say life lies ahead of you, when you can’t make a predicament what will happen the very next day. I am worried that my life will become mundane containing no spiritual mandate whatsoever. And, it scares me because I believe in goodness and graciousness.

Saddened with tears,
A longing desire,
Without cause.


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