I’m sad. This is not funny, I’m literally feeling sad. If someone would ask me to grade according to the severity of my sadness on the scale of 1 to 10, I would probably go for 6 or 7. I’m not sure, because I’m sad. It’s taking up a part of my brain, consuming my time literally making me feel sad.

This is seriously not  thought provoking.

Surprisingly, I can’t recall the last time I got sad.

Homer crying his heart out. Don’t worry! he is still married to Marge and has three beautiful kids.

It’s particularly hard to identify the cause of this sadness. Maybe, a therapist can help me, talk to me like I’m the nicest person on the planet earth. But, the thing is I’m apprehensive of such instances. They make me awkward. I wish I didn’t feel this way, but I do.

Who am I to blame?

I acknowledge gloominess, it’s a close and striking part of me which leaves me asking a few questions, questions so big even those who consider answering are left with bedlam. I wonder.

Fond yet gloomy memories of childhood. Oh mother!

I’m different, I’ve always felt this way. I think I am because I think. I have grown passionate about the topics of humanity and love and from my experience, many don’t acknowledge these factors.

Please don’t do that!

Some would say that this needs to be solved, that I have to take some kind of mild sedatives or soporifics to solve this kind of anomaly but I think this is different, probably because I have tried this before. These mood swings haunt me. But,they are one of a kind experience that happens to the best of us.

Fry doesn’t want to entertain his dreams anymore.

The thing that I badly wanted to explain is that it’s okay to be sad, because life is a mixture or remix in a sense that it’s an amalgamated form of both happy and sad moments.

I try to write about the moments that make me wonder and ponder critically yet sometimes overtly. But, it is hard. I don’t have the guts to write my heart out. I am different, only if the world could understand me better or if I could make them understand some of my unusual traits. That, this extroverted world needs to understand that introverts too exist side by side, living with them, trying to find a way out.

Stan’s parents temporary separation.

Life is not a bed of roses. A pure example of clichéd idiom that doesn’t make you feel better yet saying it makes you understand the gravity of this situation.

I don’t feel good. But, I don’t feel very bad either. I think it’s the averageness of the situation that saves me every time from falling down the rabbit hole, the deep pit.

Mufasa taught Simba how to survive, now he must strive for the greater good.

Believe me once, when I say that we are all alone.Because it’s the bitter truth that we need to accept, that we sometimes cling onto and never want to let go of. But, life moves on. It never stops, it won’t stop for you. Change is inevitable and we all need to evolve, to leave our comfort zone and to think beyond ourselves. Showing a little philanthropistic purpose might help in the long run. After all, all that matters is our attitude towards humanity in general and behaviour towards every creature in a widely respected manner.


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  1. Syeda Komal Shah · November 28, 2014

    Nauman, this is beyond awesomeness 😀


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