I can normally relate to the usual anxiety attacks. Throughout my life, I have been intimidated by many things, those aren’t life-altering in any way but anxiety makes them so.

It turns, it’s all in your head. Well, technically everything is. And, humans in a certain way are bounded to be afraid of such happenings. Like, speaking at a public seminar, or to make new friends, or even in the worst cases breaking the ice.

Resistance takes all kinds of form to hurt you, to haunt you. And, you have no choice but to vary this contender and change your life. Therapy does wonder, I have heard. But, I have never gotten any time to apply myself to such resources..

Frankly, this is all too much. Even if I’m writing this thoughtfully, I can’t talk like this. I stutter during the transition of words, and sometimes let a Freudian slip occasionally.


The only way to resolve this complexity is through taking action, any action that will similarly help in taking control of your anxiety problems.

Anxiety is a serious disorder that we can relate to all (most of us).

The cure for depression/anxiety/panic/malaise etc. is to, first, believe you have a career-in-potential (I guarantee that you do) and, then, act upon it. — Steven Pressfield


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